What you can, with what you have.

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Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight
Voices - teilwal.tumblr.com

Comic by www.owlturd.com

Yo! Another awesome dub from Teilwal. He does a whole bunch of voice acting, and is super entertaining, so be sure to check out his other stuff!

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Also, for those who haven’t seen this comic, it’s part of the spin-off series I’m doing for Naver, Bluechair, where there’s a new comic coming out tomorrow! ;D

Thank’s Teilwal! Brilliant work.

Just sign the waiver and you’re good to go!

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Personal theories.

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Supplies dwindle.

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Still waiting on the movie deal.


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Welcome to the 2.0.

Marvel should call any minute now.


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Today we have a guest comic from Alex of 1111 Comics! Let me just say that if you liked the ‘We go forward’ comic, you’ll like pretty much everything he makes. His work is an excellent mix of meaning and humor, if you’re into that sorta thing — and if you’re not, you should be.

His Stuff:

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