How tall are you, in feet? I wanna know if I'm taller than you (I'm probably not though haha)

~ Anonymous

Case closed.

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The one constant.

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He died happy.

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Strabismus & that last comic.

My apologies.

Just to clarify, the punchline of that comic is that Shen is seeing right side up with one eye, and upside down with the other. As a result, he was seeing BOTH of those guys as upside down (because he was seeing one of them incorrectly.)

I didn’t mean to make fun of anyone who actually has any sort of eye misalignment, and come to think of it now there are ways to get that concept across that are both better and funnier.


Edit: Some people are misinterpreting why I posted this — I didn’t get any hate, it was just brought up to me & I felt bad about it. Cuz this comic is for everyone, y’know? I want it to make people happy. :]

Edit 2: Comic updated.

I have a vision.

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Where I’ve been + Interview w/ Independent Ink

Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of activity lately. The long & short of it is that I’ve hit a busy point IRL and at the same time still don’t have a working tablet and am having trouble adapting to making stuff for both Bluechair and Owl Turd Comix. More to do, have to work slower, less time to work. :/

But, y’know, I guess I just have to be more focused! Which I will be! Because I like making comics.

On another note, Independent Ink recently did an interview with yours truly, in which I talk about my own process, my take on the state of webcomics, and parkour. So, if you’ve ever thought 'hey, I wonder what Shen would say if I asked him my thing that I wanna ask him,' then perhaps that thing has been asked and you can go find out.


What you can, with what you have.

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What are you drinking in that mug of yours


Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight
Voices -

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Yo! Another awesome dub from Teilwal. He does a whole bunch of voice acting, and is super entertaining, so be sure to check out his other stuff!

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Also, for those who haven’t seen this comic, it’s part of the spin-off series I’m doing for Naver, Bluechair, where there’s a new comic coming out tomorrow! ;D

Thank’s Teilwal! Brilliant work.