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Hey peeps! I got a few things to talk about today, most of which are pretty negative, but not necessarily right? :]

1. The absenteeism - Where have I been recently? Haven’t been posting on Twitter or on Facebook or making comics here, just been posting guest comics. Well, I’ve been a bit busy & stressed out — if you’ve ever tried to do creative stuff while your mind is on other things, you know it doesn’t come easily.

The good news - I’ll be more active now.

2. The guest comics - So all I’ve had time for recently is literally posting guest comics. I haven’t even been replying to emails & messages, and I’m feeling hella rude about that, but I intend to fix that today. There are actually many I haven’t posted yet, either because of a technical difficulty or just because I haven’t had time. Remember friends, I can only post here in a vertical 500px width format. :/

The good news - I’ll catch up on that stuff.

3. The Patreon - I’m not going to sugarcoat this, I intend to shut down the Patreon and either fulfill existing orders or issue refunds. There has only been one charge for $262, which was for March — April will never be charged. The reasons are:

So, I thought my Patreon would be sustainable, and it wasn’t, big whoop wanna fight about it? This isn’t a comment on Patreon itself though — great website.

The good news - Everything that was offered on the Patreon will soon be on the an Owl Turd Comix online store! :]

4. Comics as a whole - I want to improve, especially in terms of making stuff more fluid and expressive. This is a challenge for me because I tend to lean on construction and balance, but good artists generally do a gesture drawing first and then construct shapes to conform to it. In realistic art those shapes are pretty well-defined, but in cartoons even they can be distorted and exaggerated. I’m going to start doing that.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, my inbox is right here.

Here’s how I think an anime Shen would look:

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My friends have always tried to get me to watch their stupid anime shows, but I said “no,” I said, “I won’t resort to watching your plebeian cartoons. Someday Seinfeld will return.” And now, ladies and gentlemen, I have finally got my hands on an ADVANCE COPY OF THE UPCOMING SEINFELD REBOOT! I won’t tell y’all too much, but I’m willing to dig into it a little bit for the sake of review.

Okay so you may notice that the name is a bit different, and that’s because this reboot is scheduled to release only in Japan. The series moves out of its traditional Manhattan setting as Jerry flies over to Nippon to find out what the deal is with airline food, but instead finds out what the deal is with friendship. There is also finds Kramer, Elaine, and George, who all there for their own wacky reasons.

I have to say, they took some risks with the character redesigns, but personally I like them.

Here’s Newman, for example. The changes are pretty subtle but you might notice that they made his hair a little bit lighter. With some people this is a huge issue but I think the average viewer won’t mind. While in the original show Newman was a mailman, in the reboot he is trying to fulfill the Earth’s destiny to serve to reproduction of life fibers.

On the conservative side, I was pleased to see that the new show contains all of the classic Seinfeld gags.

Overall I would say it does the original show justice, and is one of the best reboots to have come out recently. It even trumps Season 2 of the original show, and that was the best season.

Final Score: 10/10 - Would recommend classic fans and newcomers to the series alike.


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Here we have a comic by Calicard! This guy makes really cool art, which you should go eye, with your eyeballs. Here’s a 1 pixel preview: 
The rest can found at http://calicard.tumblr.com/

Here we have a comic by Calicard! This guy makes really cool art, which you should go eye, with your eyeballs. Here’s a 1 pixel preview: 

The rest can found at http://calicard.tumblr.com/